Sermons by Brandon Jackson

Ben and Cristi Dozier | “Building Roots” on HGTV

Grab your power tools and a cup of coffee!!  ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ We sat down with Ben + Cristi Dozier, designers and hosts of the popular HGTV show, “Building Roots!” They get raw and real about life in the spotlight and how they keep God at the center, as well as testing their connection with a fun game!

Rosaria Butterfield Interview | EquipFM

Rosaria Butterfield sits down to share her testimony, her newest book, and how to combat the fives lies of our anti-Christian age. Her newest book, mentioned in the interview, can be purchased on Amazon below:

A Conversation with Tim Hawkins

Join Brandon and Megan as they chat with Christian comedian, Tim Hawkins! From his salvation story to admitting if he has tried on yoga pants, Tim Hawkins answers all our questions and shares about his upcoming show in Roanoke, VA on August 18, 2022 at 7pm. More details can be found at!

Ministry Spotlight: The Family Foundation

What does Roe VS. Wade being overturned REALLY mean? Is the draft that got leaked official? Join us as we get answers to these questions and more with Victoria Cobb, President of the Family Foundation. To learn more about the Family Foundation, click here.