91.7 Lynchburg  93.9 Roanoke   105.3 Farmville & Fluvanna

91.7   Lynchburg    93.9   Roanoke   105.3    Farmville & Fluvanna 


Equip FM is on the air to glorify God, to proclaim salvation in Jesus Christ, and to encourage, and equip His church for ministry through expository Bible teaching and Christ-centered music.


We serve Lynchburg and the surrounding area at 91.7, the Roanoke Valley at 93.9 and Farmville and the surrounding area,  Fluvanna and parts of Charlottesville at 105.3


Our goal is to serve the Lord and our communities. We want to be a resource for like-minded local churches and ministries to advance God’s work in this area. Click here to read our statement of faith.